Leave it to Carrie Underwood to switch it up for her 2013 ACM Awards performance. Fresh off debuting her new single 'See You Again' on her former stomping grounds of 'American Idol' last week, she elected to perform her most recent No. 1 hit 'Two Black Cadillacs,' as opposed to repeating the song she just did a few nights prior. She likes to switch it up for her fans.

The performance was captivating and featured full production, with a pair of black Cadis on the stage, lots of smoke and a dark, ominous sky behind her. It was dramatic, but nothing -- not the scenery and not the fact that it was live TV -- detracted from how amazing Underwood sounded. She really is in her element when she is on stage during live broadcasts, and not just because that's where she got her start. She comes to life when she steps on the stage in front of a camera.

Underwood looked extra sexy in a short black dress, black gloves (not the fingerless kind, as she has been known to wear), big waves and bright pink lipstick. She was going for the dark motif with the song, the full stage setup and her look -- and we loved it. Her performance was cohesive and flawless.

But would you expect anything less from Carrie Underwood?

Watch Carrie Underwood Sing 'Two Black Cadillacs' at the 2013 ACM Awards

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