Now that Carrie Underwood is pregnant, everyone -- including the singer -- is wondering if a handsome country crooner or tiny songstress will appear in Spring 2015. Underwood admits she's hoping for a baby girl.

The superstar appeared on America's Morning Show, where she talked all things baby, including her diaper experience ... or lack thereof. "I've never changed a diaper before," Underwood revealed sheepishly. She'll certainly have her work cut out from her when her little bundle is born.

The 'Something in the Water' hitmaker and her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, are -- of course -- overjoyed about their new addition. Underwood says Fisher “literally did a fist pump, and he was like, ‘sweet!'” when he heard the news. And now that the reality has sunk in a bit, Underwood is dreaming of all things girly.

"I just feel like we need some frills happening," she shares. "We’ll of course be overjoyed with either. I’m the only one that’s kind of like, ‘I kind of hope it’s a girl a little bit.'”

Country fans shouldn't expect to mark their calendars with the baby's specific due date; that's one thing Underwood and her hubby are keeping private. "There’s very few things in our world that you can kind of keep for yourselves,” the songstress insists. And as far as names go ... they still have a lot of work cut out for them.

In addition to becoming a mother, Underwood has some other exciting things in the works: She will be releasing her first greatest hits album Dec. 9. 'Something in the Water' is just a taste of what's ahead musically for the country superstar.

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