Carrie Underwood may be known for her incredible legs, but the singer also has killer arms. Even while pregnant, she's working hard to keep her physique looking its best.

Despite a growing baby bump, Underwood is committed to fitness, just like she is when she's not pregnant. Her arms are one thing she's been working on lately, and her trainer seems to be proud. Erin Oprea, Underwood's trainer, tells People Underwood "is a champ."

Oprea even admits that despite her pregnancy, Carrie's not missing workouts and she hasn't even changed them much. She may not be jumping as intensely, but she's still doing her punching bags and weightlifting. Oprea also says that eating healthy and staying hydrated will help Underwood keep her figure while pregnant.

"We're going for lighter weight, higher reps," the trainer explains.

Even if you're not pregnant, some of Underwood's moves can keep you in shape, and Oprea says they can be done in the comfort of your own home with light dumbbells. The first move she shares is the lunge with leg pulse, which starts like a regular lunge but when you come up, you bring your rear leg up and squeeze. This can be done for 15 reps.

The sumo squat with arm curls can be done with light dumbbells up to 10 pounds. Starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, you go into a normal squat and then stand about halfway up while doing an arm curl. Never fully stand while doing these for 15-20 reps.

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