It's fitting that Carrie Underwood performed the Beatles' beloved 1965 classic 'Yesterday' at the 2013 Emmys, which aired Sunday night (Sept. 22).

The singer's journey to country music and mainstream superstardom began on the small screen and was documented each week in our living rooms as she competed on 'American Idol,' pursuing and ultimately attaining the American Dream by winning the coveted title.

Actor Don Cheadle introduced Underwood's performance after narrating a segment that pointed to both the evolving nature and the power of the television medium as an art form.

Since Underwood and her career are proof of the good things that can come from watching the boob tube, her subdued, but beautiful performance of the Beatles classic resonated with both the live audience and those watching at home -- natch! -- on TV.

The songstress didn't employ any vocal drama, nor did she have her way with the song's melody. She didn't attempt to reinvent the classic, which was a wise choice.

Instead, she remained loyal the original, all the while putting the Carrie Underwood stamp on it. It sounded just like Underwood doing right by the Beatles. She once again did the genre proud by representing it properly.

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