Carter's Chord suffer through a safe but distant dinner date, stuck in a stale relationship, and long for a time when things were 'A Little Less Comfortable' in their new video for the current hit single bearing that name.   

You can read more about the song itself right here, but for now let's focus on some questions posed by the video. First, when did everybody in country music start eating meals in such dark, gothic-style dining rooms? Between this and The Band Perry's recent video for 'You Lie,' we're starting to feel like we're missing out on some trends.

Secondly, would we be right to think that this was at one point going to be a vampire story, and then they decided against it at the last minute? The guy looks like Letstat, everybody's way pale, windows blow open for no reason, and then, when that wine is spilled, is that supposed to symbolize blood?

Brightly-lit scenes of the couple in earlier, happier times show that there's clearly something worth saving in this relationship, which leaves us with just one thought. If our heroine is smart enough to recognize the problem, what's to say she shouldn't be the one to shake things up a bit? Why does it always have to be the guy in these songs?

There's still no word of a title or release date for the full-length Carter's Chord album which is expected to follow  'A Little Less Comfortable.'  Be sure to stay tuned to Taste of Country for any updates on the group.

Watch Carter Chord's video for 'A Little Less Comfortable'