Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert wrote the emotional ballad 'Over You' about his late brother, and on Monday's (Nov. 19) performance episode of 'The Voice,' Shelton wanted contestant Cassadee Pope to sing it. His rationale? He hoped the song choice would help show off a softer side of this sassy pop rocker.

It was certainly indicative of how Shelton feels about her. By encouraging her to sing such a deep song, one rife with meaning for him, it's clear he cares deeply about her.

Pope wanted to the song justice since it means so much to her coach. She also revealed that she shared a deep closeness with her great-grandfather, who died when she was nine, so she would be pulling from that emotional reserve when delivering the song.

Looking lovely with her hair pulled back and in a white ensemble, which included both pants and a skirt, Pope dug deep and summoned plenty of emotion for this performance.  When she sang, "How dare you?," she infused it with so much feeling that we predict Lambert was watching, dabbing away tears from her eyes as Pope sang her song.

As she hit the final note and wrapped, the camera panned to her coach, who was wearing an ear-to-ear grin. Christina Aguilera said she was touched by Pope's performance, and was moved by how "proud papa" Shelton looked. Adam Levine suggested that country music might be a better avenue for her, since this was the performance he liked best from her.

It was seriously special to watch.

"You sang the most personal and important song I've ever been a part of writing in my life," Shelton said. "But you made me feel like I was hearing it for the first time. Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at an artist standing up here."

Something tells us Cassadee Pope isn't going anywhere.