Cassadee Pope recently prank called people in her hometown, proving that she's not just a talented singer -- she also has a great sense of humor.

The Season 3 winner of 'The Voice' stopped by radio station Country 92-5, where they had her prank call random people in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here's the catch: Pope was only allowed to speak the lyrics from her hit 'Wasting All These Tears.'

The first caller she reached, named Todd Baker, was incredibly confused -- especially since he had never heard her song before.

"I tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle," Pope said after he answered the phone. Baker repeated slowly, "You tried to find me at the bottom of a bottle?" Pope replied (without a trace of laughter in her voice), "Laying down on the bathroom floor." There was a long pause before the recipient said, "Really?" clearly confused. Eventually, the country singer confessed to the prank call, and it ended well.

The second prank call was to a recipient named James, and this call took the cake. "I'm sorry ... can I help you?" he asked when Pope began speaking the lines of her song. However, being a country fan, he soon caught on when Pope said, "You left me on a corner crying." He cleverly replied amidst a huge bout of laughter, "You must feel like a fool then, honey, for trying," adding later, "'Cause you don't give a damn about me, right honey?"

When he found out it was Pope on the phone, the lucky fan exclaimed, "Oh my God, I love this song!" Clearly, the songstress and the radio station prank called the right person!

Pope is keeping super busy these days, because along with prank calling, her upcoming album, 'Frame by Frame,' is on the way.

Listen to Cassadee Pope's Prank Call