Cassadee Pope didn't rush to release her debut single 'Wasting All These Tears' as so many reality show winners do. It's been six months since she won Season 3 of 'The Voice,' and the singer seems to have made the most of the time, as the track is a polished and unique semi-country arrangement. 

Pope's voice seems more suited for pop radio than country (one hears Avril Lavigne at her high end), but she doesn't approach the format timidly. 'Wasting All These Tears' is a vocal showcase that finds Pope telling a story of triumph over heartbreak.

"I try to find you at the bottom of a bottle / Lying down on the bathroom floor / My loneliness was rattling the windows / You said you don't want me anymore / And you left me," the 23-year-old sings to begin the song. It's a descriptive, colorful image she paints, and while later lyrics aren't quite as strong, they still tell an emotional story.

"Standing on the corner crying / Feeling like a fool for trying / I don't even remember why I’m wasting all these tears on you / I wish I could erase our memory / 'Cause you didn't give a damn about me / And finally I'm through wasting all these tears on you," Pope sings during each chorus.

She performs the melody with full confidence, but it seems the Florida-raised former rocker is feeling out the country format. There isn't much natural warmth to her delivery, making it difficult to empathize with her. Pope's production team was wise not to drown her sound in heavy fiddle or a whining steel guitar. Both instruments are used, but in a way that compliments what she does well instead of working to bumper her into some sort of traditional sound that would fit like a stiff, white Stetson. While enjoyable, 'Wasting All These Tears' exemplifies the difference between a pop-country song and a country song performed by a pop singer.

Listen to Cassadee Pope, 'Wasting All These Tears'