Charles Esten's new role in the Carl's Jr. commercials won't win him an Emmy, but who needs that when you're winning on the internet?!

In the latest installment of Carl's Jr. ads, Esten once again plays the role of Carl Hardee Sr., the risky founder of the company who spends most of his time schooling his son, Carl Hardee Jr., to whom he had previously given the keys to the company.

In this commercial, Hardee Sr. talks to his son about how he learned the greatest lesson of his life, while battling a treacherous rainstorm on a ship. "In that dark moment," says Hardee Sr, "With death staring me in the face, I said, 'Not now, death! I've got chicken sandwiches to make!'"

Wait, what? Well, it certainly makes sense to Hardee Sr. as he continues to rave during his flashback, shouting, "I'm talking about chicken! No antibiotics, ever! ... Charbroiled to seal in the flavor!"

When he snaps back to realty, his son is confused and asks a less than intelligent question as the ad quickly snaps to photos of Carl Jr.'s new chicken sandwiches. Hardee's Sr. responds to his son before the triple sandwich display, but we won't spoil the punchline for you.

Besides his gray-haired role as Hardee Sr., Esten is best known for his role as Deacon Claybourne on CMT's hit show Nashville. The show has been renewed for a sixth season after being revived by CMT for its fifth. It was originally canceled by ABC after Season 4.

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