Charlie Berry was originally drawn to country music because so often it’s reflective of an artist’s life: the storytelling, the good and bad times. He, too, wants his music to mirror where he is in life — something fans can relate to when they listen.

“You get a full picture of an artist's personality [in country music] — the honesty of it,” Berry tells Taste of Country.

His January 2021 debut single, "Whiskey Take it Easy," was a song with a more serious undertone, a similar note to past songs he’s penned, as well.

“When I started out releasing music, my dad had passed away,” Berry shares. “I was kinda in a dark place, so some of the music reflects that."

But as he personally transitions out of that season and into a new one, professionally, his music reflects that.

“This last one I put out, 'Outskirts of Grace,' it’s really redemptive and kind of a turning point in the music and my life,” he says.

It's definitely a turning point — expect some drinking songs and light-hearted songs from Berry in 2022. He’s showcased one side of himself already, and he's looking forward to flipping the switch from heavier tunes to feel-good ones.

When it comes to what Berry he likes to write about? There's one person who has captivated him — his biggest muse. “I write so many songs about her,” he says. “I write one a week.”

The "her" he is referring to is his 3-year-old daughter:

“She’s so not interested,” Berry jokes. “I’m like, 'I wrote this for you,' and I want it to be this moment, and she’s like, 'Yeah, Dad, let’s play.'”

Aside from cranking out fresh hits for fans, the mainstream newcomer is looking forward to bringing new music to the stage in the months to come.

“I’m not new at music, but as a new artist, getting enough music out to show a more full picture of who I am is something I’m really excited about,” he says.

For more information about Charlie Berry and his new music, visit his official website.

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