Chelsea Handler hosted her final talk show on E! Tuesday night (Aug. 26), and two familiar country-singing faces showed up to bid farewell. In the show's closing, lots of celebs -- including Trace Adkins and LeAnn Rimes -- helped Handler sing a goodbye to 'Chelsea Lately.'

For seven years, Handler occupied a prime time spot on E! with her hilarious talk show. She's hosted roundtables and interviewed a plethora of celebrities as part of 'Chelsea Lately,' but the show has officially come to an end -- the blonde comedian will find her own show on Netflix now. And of course, she didn't go out without a bang.

Led by Gwen Stefani, a star-studded group of celebrities sang her off together, poking fun at her talk show throughout the song. Of course, it had to be done to the tune of 'We Are the World.'

"I am delighted to lead this song with my good friend Chelsea Hammer," Stefani jokes in the clip before the song begins. Handler even throws in her seemingly tone-deaf tune before Adkins' deep voice comes through the mic. "There are TVs crying, though TVs can't make tears," he sings. Other artists sing the lyrics about how Handler can't keep pretending that she "cares about Kim and Kanye" before they all join together for a memorable chorus. Rimes joins in toward the end, and the crowd claps as Handler tells them they'll be right back and passes out hugs to her adoring celebrity friends.

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