Though fans may know him for his role as Will Lexington on ABC’s Nashville, Chris Carmack has been honing his music skills since he was young. Now he gets to let them shine with the upcoming release of an all-original EP, slated to drop in December.

Carmack wrote all five songs on the EP, the first of which was released to digital outlets Sept. 29. It’s the title track of the EP, called “Pieces of You,” and is a soulful, swinging ballad about a lost love. Though the album is his mainstream debut, Carmack is no stranger to songwriting.

“Music came first, before the acting. I find that when I write songs, oftentimes it’s therapeutic. It’s an exploration of myself and either what I’m going through or what someone close to me is going through,” the actor/singer explains in a news release. “Writing and singing these songs helps me deal with the emotions and I think they are things other people can relate to when they hear them. I’m excited to share the music.”

Carmack is also a skilled guitarist, making his music even more intriguing and impressive. Legendary country singer and guitar player Vince Gill even vouched for his talent, dubbing Carmack a “wicked good guitar player” in a recent interview with Nashville's ABC affiliate WKRN.

Aside from catching him in the show each week, which premiered its fourth season Sept. 23, fans can see Carmack on stage with his castmates performing at the Grand Ole Opry’s 90th birthday bash on Oct. 3.

“Pieces of You” is now available on iTunes.

Chris Carmack, Pieces of You Track Listing:

1. "Being Alone"
2. "Can’t Do It Again"
3. "What Has Changed"
4. "Always Mine"
5. "Pieces of You"

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