Chris Janson has released the music video to what he calls his "No. 1 favorite song." "Holdin' Her," Janson's new single, is the story of how he met his wife.

"It's the story of the things that I love most: my wife and my kids and my journey in life," he says in a press release. "If anyone wants a real look inside my life, here it is! It is a very personal and real look into our life with my wife, kids and bonus kids. This song is our love story and I wanted real moments in the video."

At the video's start, Janson tells the story of first meeting his wife and what fans can expect from the five-minute video.

"I saw my wife for the first time nine years ago and called it right off the bat, I said I was gonna marry her," Janson explains. "Three years later, I got the opportunity and I did it. I didn't know what life was about until I got married and walked into a house that was already a home with kids in it, my bonus kids. And then shortly thereafter God blessed me with two more babies and for whatever reason I became the luckiest man alive. This video is our story."

The video shows Janson sitting alone on a stool while playing his acoustic guitar as images and video clips of his life play in the background. He and his wife are later shown dancing in the middle of the street at night around a bonfire as he plays guitar and on a bench where he proposed with wife. It's an intimate look at the life of Janson that plays out like a film.

"Holdin' Her" is the third single off Janson's debut album Buy Me a Boat.

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