While "Drunk Girl" is a striking song on Chris Janson's new Everybody album, "Bein' a Dad" is just as sentimental.

Janson has four children with his wife, Kelly Lynn, and the emotional track paints an image of the singer's life at home, replacing a world of "picking up when we want to and just going" with "hand prints and these drawings on the walls."

"I think that fully encompasses who I am as a human being," Janson says of fatherhood. "To me, it is the most important role besides being a husband."

When co-writers Casey Beathard and Ed Hill approached Janson with the song in hand, he automatically felt a connection to it, but knew he had to contribute to it to make it his own. The writers let the singer "dissect" the original version of the song and re-write it to make it relevant to his own experience.

"Once I was able to do that, I just couldn't get enough of it. I loved the song already, but once I made it my own, it really came together nicely," he explains.

And when he sings about "that brand new bike is laying out there in the yard and it's raining" and how sometimes his children "don't practice what I preach," he knows the other parents listening will be able to identify. "Any parent out there can certainly understand where I'm coming from with these lyrics because they're real," Janson says. "It's true to life when you're a parent, you put your kids your first. In my house, I put my kids and my marriage first and it works out nice."

Janson continues on his headlining tour in support of the Everybody album through February of 2018.

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