Chris Lane’s “Fix” is a super-sized, Red Bull-fueled pop-country jam that’s going to further tick off country traditionalists. The edgy, beat-driven jam relies heavily on vocal effects and producer Joey Moi’s influence.

Buried within this infectious debut are smart lyrics from one of the most dynamic vocalists the format has seen in recent years. Lane embraces comparisons to Adam Levine, and indeed “Fix” sounds like something Maroon 5 would cut if they went country. Maybe they should — the song is instant cardio. Like Cialis, "Fix" should come with a cardiovascular warning.

“I got that love medicinal / I’ll make you feel invincible / I’m more than recreational / I’m what you need,” Lane cries out before the chorus:

“I’ll be your smooth ride, that late night / Your Walter White high / I’ll be your first time, that so right / Get you falling in love at the end of the night / With that good ish, that long trip / That sugar on your lips / That favorite habit, gotta have it, you can’t quit / I got your fix.”

“Fix” is all chorus. Sure, there’s a couple of lyrics standing in for a verse, but the instrumentation around each coupling is more interesting than the words. As he leads into the second verse, Lane recalls a classic soul singer:

“Hey girl, he don’t get you there never / So leave, oh just leave / Baby baby baby baby baby girl / Let me make it feel better / Please, I’m what you need,” Lane sings, running up the scale with every “baby.”

“Fix” has the potential to be a big, big song in 2016. Comparisons to Sam Hunt may be premature, but they’re not off base.

Key Lyrics: "I got your fix / I’l be the high that never lets you down / The one you crave when no one is around / I’ll pick you up and never let you go / Never let you go." 

Did You Know?: Lane's debut single comes months after ToC chose him as the No. 1 artist to watch of 2015.

Listen to Chris Lane’s “Fix”

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