Chris Stapleton is making a powerful statement with his "Fire Away" video. Released Monday (Feb. 29), the clip embodies a poignant message about suicide prevention.

The video concept for "Fire Away" was conceived by Stapleton and directed by Tim Mattia. It stars actors Ben Foster and Margarita Levieva as a young married couple going through exciting life moments like buying a home and decorating it together. The happy memories soon fade, though, as it is evident that the woman is suffering from mental illness and tries multiple times to commit suicide.

In one instance, her husband returns from work to find her attempting to drown herself in a bathtub. Another time she's walking barefoot and disoriented alone in a field. The situation becomes heartbreaking when he pulls up to their house to find an ambulance taking his wife away after she slit both her wrists. The doctors are unable to save her life this time around, and her husband appears at the bar where Stapleton is bartending holding her wedding ring in his hand as the website for appears on the screen.

Stapleton's video aims to bring attention to mental health awareness through the Campaign to Change Direction, which he was made aware of through Foster. "Fire Away" brings visual reputation to what the organization calls the Five Signs of suffering emotionally which includes change in personality, agitation, withdrawal, decline in personal care and hopelessness, which are represented through Levieva’s memorable acting. For more, visit

"Fire Away" is the latest single off Stapleton's Grammy and CMA Awards-winning album Traveller.

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