Chris Stapleton showed off his comedic side on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night (Feb. 17), just days after he swept the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

Kimmel introduced Stapleton's segment by telling the audience that the country singer is "one of my favorites." He then went on to explain that the two-time Grammy winner has been working on a very special concept album unlike anything we'd expect from the singer ...

"He's been working on a special new album, a concept album," Kimmel says. "The concept is very interesting. He's taken the most irritating words in the English language and turned them into this."

The nearly three-minute segment has Stapleton singing cringe-worthy words and making them into beautiful songs with his distinct, soulful voice.

"Hello, I'm Chris Stapleton here to tell you about my new album where I turn all the words you hate into songs you will love the most," he deadpans.

Somehow, Stapleton manages to make the most nauseating words in the English language — like panties, nom-nom, yummy, nom-nom, ladyfriend, vajayjay, scrotum, supple, hubby, fudgy, awesome-sauce, yolo, tummy, phlegm and delish — into songs that are much less unbearable.

But that's not all. He also sings what Kimmel calls "the breakout love song of 2016." The song is called "Moist & Juicy" and makes a female actress feel understandably uncomfortable on the stage. As the mock commercial comes to a close, the album — accurately called Cringeworthy — pops up on the screen where Stapleton explains that if viewers order now they'll get a free tube of ointment.

Stapleton won two Grammy Awards on Monday (Feb. 15) for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Album for Traveller. In an interview backstage, he said his Grammy wins were a "life-changing thing."

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