When you think of the folksy Americana duo the Civil Wars and the highly anticipated film 'The Hunger Games,' your mind likely jumps first to the Civil Wars' popular Taylor Swift collaboration 'Safe & Sound,' which was the lead single from the soundtrack. But the duo has another song on the compilation, and this time it's one they wrote on their own. You can preview the clip below.

Debuting their original song 'Kingdom Come' on the upcoming release, the Grammy Award-winning duo share album credits with acts like Arcade Fire, the Decemberists, Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies, Punch Brothers, Taylor Swift and others.The duo told Entertainment Weekly that they've heard a good bit of the soundtrack, and John Paul White had a few opinionated thoughts on the subject matter. "I think ours are better,” White joked of their songs. “Let the headline be: The Civil Wars Are Carrying the Rest of the Artists on the Soundtrack on Their Backs.”

In all seriousness, though, Joy Williams says the tune is their homage to a survival song. “And also to trying to keep your cool and stay rational in a ridiculous situation,” White added. “It’s a little bit of ‘It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be all right, we’re going to make it through this,’ even when the situation around you is more dire than you’d care to admit. I think it’s how we all cope.”

The Civil Wars wrote 'Kingdom Come' while they were on tour in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “We were out there for a show, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I think the landscape helped us capture the mood. We were unfettered, out in the middle of God’s country,” White said.

The soundtrack will officially release March 20, just three days before the movie hits theaters everywhere.




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