Yesterday (Feb. 23), Clint Black, Bill Anderson and Bob DiPiero walked away from a bus accident they were involved in while traveling in Dublin, Ireland. The three renowned singer-songwriters are currently touring Ireland and the UK with the CMA Songwriter Series. While traveling in their Gibson Guitars bus, the trio was rear-ended by a passenger car.

Though the accident shook up the bus and its passengers a bit, no one was injured and the main inconvenience the group encountered was having to delay their show at at Whelan's in Dublin by 30 minutes. Even the bus came out of the accident without sustaining too much damage. Ever the comic, 'Whisperin'' Bill Anderson found a moment to pull a nice pun from the incident.

"This accident happened when we were all on a Gibson bus, but it turned out to only be a Fender-bender, thank goodness!" he joked after the fact. The CMA Songwriter Series began in New York City at Joe's Pub, and this is the group's first time to make the trek across the pond to bring the show to a European audience.

Showcasing the best of Nashville's hit songwriters, the group brings the intimacy of a songwriter venue like Nashville's Bluebird Cafe -- where writers perform in the round -- to other audiences. Having already visited London this month, the current series is traveling on to Belfast this weekend before finishing back in New York City March 22.

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