Cole Swindell didn't write his new single "Break Up in the End," but he's lived it. The singer says he was moved by how relatable the acoustic ballad is, and yeah, it had him thinking back.

"Maybe it didn’t end on bad terms (but) it was just not gonna work out," he says, reflecting without mentioning a specific person. "I think those are the sad kind, when you know that there’s nothing that can be done."

Swindell is guarded when it comes to the intimate details of his love life, rarely talking about his relationships past or present. "Break Up in the End" is similar to the lead single from his last album in that it pulls back a layer of protection, revealing his vulnerabilities and flaws.

“I’m kind of a runner," the "You Should Be Here" singer says. "Before it gets too serious or whatever, I just don’t wanna hurt anybody because I know what that’s like and I think that may have affected my relationships."

Still, he has no regrets. That's necessary to sell the sweet part of the bittersweet message of "Break Up in the End." His newest song is a breakup song that reflects back fondly, even while admitting a longing to reconnect.

“Just getting a chance to love is better than not,” he says.

Expect more songs from his upcoming album to pull back on the production in a similar way. Swindell says that much like he did with his previous two albums, he's letting the songs dictate the rest of the project. He didn't begin with a vision. There is no announced released date for the album, his third on Warner Bros. Nashville.

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