Cole Swindell's "Flatliner" sounds like a Dierks Bentley song from five years ago, because that's what it was meant to be. The pair team up for a rollicking, Bakersfield-inspired country sound that is timeless.

"Flatliner" is about a girl who's (pardon the pun) drop-dead gorgeous, and the two country men embrace the frivolous nature of their lyric, playfully encouraging each other to go talk to her. It's a country-rocker that's a more honest look into what two decent guys might say to one another before one mans up enough to introduce himself.

The duet with Bentley provides an opportunity for Swindell to show a new side to his artistry. Before now he's mostly lived in a mid-tempo lane on the radio, but with the "Free and Easy" singer moving on to deeper, more personal country songs there's room for someone to own that brand. That may not be where the Georgian is headed — "Flatliner" is likely a one-time break for Swidnell — but the vacation to California is enjoyable.

Did You Know?: Swindell actually wrote "Flatliner" with Bentley in mind, before he had a record deal. In fact, they once joked that maybe they'd get a chance to record it together.

Listen to Cole Swindell (Feat. Dierks Bentley), "Flatliner"

Cole Swindell (Feat. Dierks Bentley), "Flatliner" Lyrics:

Dang, girl, look at you / Stopping me in my boots / What's a country boy to do, but say Uh uh / Stop beating my chest up / You're downright dangerous / That shake got me gitty up / Got my eyes what what.

Sippin' on this seven-seven / Never been this close to heaven / Got the pretty turned up to eleven / Droppin' them dead on the dance floor / Somebody better call a doctor / She's a little heart stopper / I'm talkin' breaker breaker one-niner / She's a flatliner, oh she's a flatliner.

Dang, girl, I'm done / I ain't never seen no one / Poppin' it like a cold one / Droppin' down like oh oh / Oh my, I see the light / I don't mean the neon kind / One kiss from you tonight will send me on to the other side.

What would Dierks do / Grab a guitar and go sing her a song / And go play one of my songs / No, don’t play one of yours, play one of mine (laughter)

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