Cole Swindell missed his chance in "Love You Too Late," an uptempo, broken-hearts club anthem from his new All of It album.

The lyrics to Swindell's latest remorseful reminiscence run contrary to the song's peppy melody and arrangement. It's a feel-good song if you don't actually listen to the melancholy story coming from the Georgia-raised singer's lips. Find him saying all the things he should have said a day, week or month ago to a girl who has given up on him.

It's another been-there kind of country song from a singer skilled in the art of relatable. Brandon Lynn Kinney and Michael Carter helped Swindell write this "Love You Too Late," his second from his third studio album. It's likely to be an easy hit while sliding effortlessly into any open spots on his set list.

Did You Know?: Actress and model Alicia Watson starred in the four videos Swindell released ahead of his All of It album. The make a complete story arc.

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Cole Swindell's "Love You Too Late" Lyrics:

I wish this whiskey / Would make her miss me / Like I wish she did, I wish she did / Pouring up another one / Won't change what I should've done / Before she left, now all that's left is / Mile by mile and city by city / She's getting over me and man it ain't pretty, no.

She's out there rolling down some old interstate / Wide open, wide open, couldn't make her stay / Probably cranking up some new freedom song / Wide open, wide open, won't pick up the phone / While I'm dying here tonight, staring goodbye in the face / Saying I love you too late / Too late.

I can't take back what / I never said but if I could, man I would / Try and make her see / That me and Tennessee want her back / I wish it worked like that, yeah / If I had half a clue / Where she was heading now / I'd do what I had to do to make her turn her car around.

Yeah I shoulda held her close / I shoulda let her know / How I felt about her ‘bout a couple county lines ago.

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