Cole Taylor has a fan story that can't be beat, and it inspired his new single, "Drop Top." The lyric video — available first via this Taste of Country premiere — finds the Georgia-raised singer cruising around in a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro, but it was a 2012 model and his dad's old stories that inspired the song.

Several years ago, a random fan asked Taylor if he wanted to drive his car. He then tossed him the keys and the two men went for a cruise along I-75.

“He was having a blast and I was having a blast," Taylor tells Taste of Country, admitting to getting the speedometer to 105 MPH. We had the radio blaring to some good ‘90s country music and it was awesome.”

Not too many people would trust their favorite artist at those type of speeds.

“I kind of got that feeling of what my dad was talking about when he was driving my mom around,” the 23-year-old adds. His dad's car was a '69 Camaro, and he didn't own it for very long. Mr. Taylor saved up his whole life to buy the car, but at age 16 he couldn't handle it and wrapped it around a tree in just two weeks. Still, those good vibes outweighed the negative experience. It's those good vibes that one finds in "Drop Top," a song from Taylor's self-titled EP.

In the video, Taylor is in a modern-day Camaro, slowly taking life in with the top down and a mason jar of sweet tea in his hand. He filmed the clip in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. last March. Matt Dragstrem and Ryan Hurd helped him write the song, and he gives Hurd credit for one of the key lyrics:

"Girl you know what you're doing / Looking like the star in a movie / With the jeans tighter than a koozee / And I'm ready to go," he sings before the second chorus.

The singer and avid golfer (and one-time taxidermist's assistant) had a hand in writing each of the five songs on Cole Taylor. He's been hard at work since moving to Nashville in 2013. Nine months later he signed a publishing deal with Universal and has since penned songs for Chase Rice and Florida Georgia Line. The duo's current single "Sippin' on Fire" came from his pen.

"Drop Top" is similar in style. The beat-heavy anthem is set to receive airplay on SiriusXM's the Highway beginning April 28. Taylor is just taking it all in. His plan for the summer is to work crowds throughout the Southeast, and then just sit back, watch and learn. And maybe stick his hand out should another fan offer him a set of keys.

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