It's a select group of country artists that can get away with encouraging fans to push 'Drugs' on their friends, but that's exactly what Corey Smith is doing at his website. Fans who share the new 'Drugs' music video get a free download of the just-released song.

Smith recorded the song this spring and is giving it away, perhaps as a gateway drug to his new album 'The Broken Record.' The video, first released at Yallwire, shows Smith in the recording studio from several different angles, holding a cup of coffee and singing with his eyes closed as he's known to do if he's not wearing sunglasses.

"Caffeine in the morning / Alcohol at night / Nicotine between the meals to curb my appetite / Well I'm not in denial / I'm perfectly all right / Caffeine in the morning / And alcohol at night," Smith sings during the chorus. It's a fun song that's not quite tongue-in-cheek.

"When I'm feeling frisky there's a bottle in the drawer / Now I don't leave my woman disappointed anymore / Like the man on the commercial I'm just grinning ear to ear / And my wife and I we get along better than we have in years." It's not difficult to imagine the song becoming yet another fan favorite. Smith's new album is available now, and features current singalong hits like 'If I Could Do It Again' and 'Twenty-One.'

Watch the Corey Smith 'Drugs' Video

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