In her spicy, sexy "Little Red Wagon" video, Miranda Lambert shows off her toned-up bod in several revealing outfits. While we love the “Mrs. Shelton” belt, there’s only one of those. You can fit into her shoes and swimsuit, however, and you don’t need to ignore your cravings to do it. If there is anything Lambert has taught country fans — and Quickie host Nicki D — it’s to embrace your crazy.

Lambert says that while she keeps it healthy most of the time, she’s prone to the occasional binge. Recently she took out a plate full of Loveless Cafe biscuits — raise your hand if you’ve been there before!

Donuts are the Country Quickie host's nemesis, and it's fair to say Nicki D wins this week. Find out where to get Ran's hot red swimsuit, and how much those heels will set you back before learning more about Lambert’s summer tour plans. This week, instead of closing with "7 Seconds of Cute," it's "7 Seconds of Sexy."

The Country Quickie is a weekly look at country music’s top stories. Host Nicki D often finds herself in the middle of the story, and it often gets messy. If you like this week’s episode, catch up on one of our favorites at the button below and then subscribe to the Taste of Country YouTube channel so you never miss a Quickie.

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