Country stars have the money to live exactly as they please, and it should be no surprise that some of them go home to some pretty lavish mansions. Amazing backyards, master suites and even private movie theaters are not unusual in country singers' homes, but one feature that stands out in almost all of them is the massive closets.

It only makes sense that you'd need some extra closet space as a celebrity, since being in the public eye means being more wardrobe conscious. But even in light of that, some of the country star closets we've gathered together in the pictures above are pretty extreme.

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Keith Urban's Tennessee farmhouse had room enough to store jeans for him and pretty much everyone he knows, and Big & Rich singer "Big Kenny" Alphin's closet might be a master bedroom in a normal house. John Prine is not necessarily someone we think of as a clotheshorse, but his closet is massive, while Carrie Underwood may take the prize with her two-story closet that has its own attached parlor. Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani both have ties to country music through The Voice, and they both have plenty of closet space, too.

Crazy closets are just one of the amenities country stars have in their massive mansions. Click through below to see which country singers have private movie theaters, bars, bowling alleys and even a guitar-shaped swimming pool!

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