Apparently, Craig Campbell's whole family has the music gene flowing through them. The artist just shared two videos from his daughters’ talent show, and both girls performed alongside their mom, who accompanied on acoustic guitar.

The videos feature his older daughter, Preslee, singing an original song, as well as his youngest, Kinni, covering Maren Morris’ “My Church.” Though she’s only 6 or 7, the smallest member of the Campbell family took the stage with confidence, ready to belt out the throwback-style hit. She adorably begins admitting she’s "cussed on a Sunday," as the lyrics say, and continues on without missing a beat, showing off her solid command of pitch and melody, just like her daddy.

The crowd joins in clapping along with Kinni as she performs, winning over the audience note by note. Check out the heart-melting performance above.

Campbell has posted videos of his oldest, Preslee, singing before, as she’s certainly got a knack for music. He’s collaborated with her on covers like “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” and caught her on video singing the pop hit “Issues” — and her mature tone is always impressive. Perhaps little Kinni will soon be performing right alongside her sister (and their dad).

Campbell released his most recent single “Outskirts of Heaven” late last year and is currently on tour with Luke Bryan.

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