Craig Morgan's beloved daughter was the victim of a home invasion while he was busy filming the recent season of 'Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors,' his Outdoor Channel show, which rendered the singer and TV show host unable to do anything to help.

The Boot reports that Morgan was stuck in a snowstorm on location while his daughter's home in Arkansas was being invaded by a gunman. Turns out the singer, who had been out hunting deer for the show, was trapped on the phone with his wife while it was going down. He was kept abreast of the drama in real time, but could not do anything to intervene. Talk about being snakebitten. Morgan's heart and adrenaline must have been racing. What a terrifying experience for dear old dad to go through.

"That was real life stuff," Morgan said. "That was happening as we were filming. I freaked out! I was in the blind and didn't know it was happening at first, and my wife was texting me: 'Call me!'"

While Morgan had his hands tied, his excellent skills as a father came into play from afar, as his daughter prepared to fend off the attacker by having a pistol ready to defend herself and locking herself in the bedroom, which is a protective measure that he taught her. Fortunately, the perpetrator was apprehended by authorities and Morgan's daughter escaped unharmed for the most part, since you never mentally shake off an armed intrusion such as this.

Morgan, an advocate of the second amendment, admitted, "She was waiting if he came through. Thank goodness he didn't, because she would have had to have shot him. And her biggest thing was she would've felt bad, because she knows that she would've had to talk to someone and they would've asked her if she felt bad about it, and she would have had to say NO! [laughs] And they would've thought she was crazy."

Overall, though, Morgan made a declaration that should put a grin on the face of the NRA, saying, "I'm very fortunate I live in the country where my daughter has a right to have a pistol to protect herself. That's the way we looked at it."

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