Craig Morgan will release his new album 'The Journey (Livin Hits)' in late summer.

The album, which will feature some new tracks and other songs that were not on his 2008-issued greatest hits collection, is due out on Sept. 3. That's about six weeks away, so you have something to look forward to as summer winds down and back-to-school season kicks in.

Morgan, whose outdoors adventure show 'Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors' returned to the small screen earlier this month, posted a photo of himself holding a copy of the artwork, which features a wide open stretch of road, writing: "Hey everybody! My new album 'The Journey (Livin' Hits)' will be available on Sept. 3rd. This is the album cover. What do y'all think?"

He seems pretty excited to share, doesn't he? The artwork certainly falls in line with his experience. Morgan has had some pretty extensive travels on both his show --he road dog sleds in Sweden recently-- and as a member of the military.

In our exclusive chat with Morgan, he spoke about the new album and the need and desire for change, which is something every artist goes through. "I think it was time for some change. I think it’s time for people to see more of me, musically," he said.

We'll see more of Craig Morgan on Sept. 3.