Craig Wayne Boyd’s first step after ‘The Voice’ ends will be to support his debut single, ‘My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face.’ It’s not clear how or if he’ll promote it to radio, but by creating a spicy music video for the mid-tempo love song he’s signaling a strong push in early 2015.

Boyd's song steers straight down the middle of Country Main St. It’s a story about that glow between lovers after a hot, passionate night. “My baby’s got a smile on her face / My baby’s got a smile on her face,” the singer cries out over and over during each chorus.

She rolls out of bed / Wipes the sleep out of her eyes / I know she’s bound to be tired / But she looks so satisfied / We stayed up a little late last night / I guess I must be doing something right,” he sings to begin this snappy country-rocker.

Boyd performed the song during his final ‘The Voice’ performance episode, and a music video (seen below) came out soon after. He’s the only remaining contestant on Team Blake, facing off against three Team Adam singers. In this type of competition, mass appeal is crucial. That’s not always the formula for a winning radio single, but Boyd is hoping he can do both with ‘My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face.’

Why Fans Will Love It: The song is a good fit for Boyd. His fans from 'The Voice' will immediately stand behind it.

Key Lyrics: “As soon as a I get to work, I call her on the phone / Tell her that I love her, I can’t wait ‘till I get home / She doesn’t say a word and I walk in / Looks like we might not get much sleep again”

Did You Know?: According to his website, songwriter Mark Marchetti served in the Vietnam War. While he’s penned songs for lesser known artists, this appears to be his highest profile cut. Marchetti penned the track with Stephanie Urbina Jones.

Listen to Craig Wayne Boyd, ‘My Baby’s Got a Smile on her Face’

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