Danielle Bradbery's self-titled debut album is packed with innocent love songs aimed at a younger audience. The collection doesn't offer many surprises -- instead, the Texas teen does what she does best. Her most dedicated fans will be delighted by this debut.

'Danielle Bradbery' is innocent, but not naively innocent. She gets a little wild on tracks like 'Talk About Love' and 'Dance Hall.' Both are a long way from needing parental guidance stickers, but they're also a fair distance from chaperoned hand-holding. "Appropriate" is the one-word description for the lyrical content of this debut.

Bradbery's current single 'The Heart of Dixie' and 'Daughter of a Working Man' are thematically different from the rest. Both are a welcome relief -- in fact, one more between cuts five ('Endless Summer') and six (Talk About Love') would break up the saccharine middle of this project. There's a lot of sweet nostalgia, and a fringe fan might find the meat of this album to be like two teens wrapped up in each other at Makeout Point.

'Wild Boy' is the newcomer's best lyric. "He draws you in with his flame / Takes you on a ride like a paper airplane in a hurricane / Looks you in the eye when he says your name / Midnight ride on a motorcycle in the pouring rain," Bradbery sings to begin the ballad. It's a different melody, but the arrangement stays true to the organic nature of most (but not all) of the songs.

'I Will Never Forget You' is an odd fit sonically, although it's a great vocal effort matched only by the chorus of 'Never Like This.' The heavy string section is a change of direction, although strings are used (more subtly) elsewhere on the album. Dann Huff is a veteran producer who steers Bradbery in the right direction on most of these songs, even if they mostly play it safe.

Key Tracks: 'Wild Boy,' 'The Heart of Dixie,' 'Daughter of a Working Man'

Team Blake Rules: Danielle Bradbery isn't the only member of Blake Shelton's Season 4 team on 'The Voice' to "make it" after the show ended. The Swon Brothers became the first duo to make the finals of the reality competition, and in November 2013 they were picked up by Arista Nashville, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley's record label.

Did You Know?: Bradbery says fans didn't get to see the country girl part of her personality on 'The Voice,' and they won't hear much about it on 'Danielle Bradbery,' either. There are a couple open field songs, but the 17-year-old tells ToC she loves four-wheeling, trucks, the outdoors and "a lot of things that guys like."

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