Danielle Bradbery is enjoying spring, because it means warmer weather. The "Hart of Dixie" hitmaker shared a photo of herself sunbathing on Instagram, and it gave fans their first really good look at her religious forearm tattoo.

Bradbery's black ink on her forearm isn't brand new, but it is the first time the singer has put it on full display. The cursive font that takes up a large portion of her arms reads: "God is greater than the highs and lows."

The singer is laying down with her inner forearm up, and facing the camera. Her face is out of view, but she definitely seems to be enjoying warmer weather, because she's sporting a cute pair of cutoff shorts. The photo's caption reads, "Sunday vibes."

Fans have definitely been curious about the tattoo, with some questioning the whens and wheres. The singer seems to have had it at least for a little while, as the art is visible in other Instagram photos on her account. Fans say they've been inspired by Bradbery to get similar tattoos of their own, with others simply complimenting the singer's "awesome tattoo."

It's only April, but in addition to her tattoo, Bradbery has her already tan legs on display. With Carrie Underwood out on maternity leave, could this 18-year-old rising star take the role of Best Legs in Country Music?

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