Danielle Bradbery is giving country fans a taste of her forthcoming sophomore album I Don’t Believe We’ve Met with the infectious lead single "Sway." On the track, co-written by Bradbery, Johan Fransson and Emily Weisband, the singer urges listeners to forget their troubles and just sway along to the music.

"Hey, we're all in the same boat / Life can really suck sometimes / But hey, can't live in a shadow / So here's a little piece of advice / Start by kicking off your shoes, leave 'em right by the door / Then you call a couple friends and then you call a few more / Put a drink into your glass that will make you let go / And you find something smooth on the radio that makes you wanna / Sway to the left / And sway to the right," she sings on the song's first verse.

It's hard not to dance along with Bradbery and the cast of adorable young actors in the "Sway" music video — a four-minute clip that features the Texas-native showing off her own dance moves alongside a groups of kids, teens and adults.

At the video's start, Bradbery is shown sitting outside on a park bench taking a break from her less than glamorous day job of sweeping floors at a barber shop. A young man joins her with his boombox and she slips him a cassette tape. He puts it in, presses play, and her soft vocals come to the forefront. Moments later, the man jumps up from the bench to dance along to "Sway." Obviously liking what he hears, he and a group of young kids dressed in black leather jackets start to show off their own fancy footwork with captivating choreography.

Watch it all unfold in the video above, and feel free to dance along!

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