Danielle Bradbery's transformation is perhaps only topped by Billy Gilman's when he showed up on The Voice, the show that made this Texan famous. "Sway" and everything the now 20-year-old singer (Yes, she's nearly drinking!) has going with it is an awakening.

Literally you can (and should) forget everything you knew about Danielle Bradbery. Treat her like a new artist — one with a groovy, soulful, passionate debut single that fits on the radio like the cool new kid in high school. Vocally she climbs the ladder, but never shows off. "Sway" is an easy message penned for a more grown-up audience. One recalls Kelly Clarkson's "Don't Rush," which doesn't suck.

The loose arrangement of "Sway" gives Bradbery room to breathe. She's pretty great when she slows down, and that may be what the lesson she learned during a lengthy absence from the Nashville scene.

Did You Know?: Bradbery won Season 4 of The Voice in 2013.

Listen to Danielle Bradbery "Sway" 

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Danielle Bradbery's "Sway" Lyrics:

Hey, we're all in the same boat / Life can really suck sometimes / But hey, can't live in a shadow / So here's a little piece of advice / Start by kicking off your shoes, leave 'em right by the door / Then you call a couple friends and then you call a few more / Put a drink into your glass that will make you let go / And you find something smooth on the radio that makes you wanna ...

Sway to the left / And sway to the right / Get lost in a groove that'll make you lose your mind / Put a smile on your face and you ride into a daze / No there ain't nothing wrong when a song comes on that makes you wanna / Sway, ay-ay-ay, oh oh.

Hey, boys kinda messed up / We got no time for sitting around / Waiting for it to light up / Let's break some rules and figure it out.

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