The title track from Darius Rucker’s Southern Style album is thick with imagery. Not since Buddy Jewell’s “Sweet Southern Comfort” has a song about the South been so easy to embrace.

“Southern Style” is about a girl, one with no shortage of grace and personality. Each sharply-penned verse tells her story beyond the words. Rucker stencils the outline of his characters, and we’re asked to fill in the colors. And there’s so much color.

“Sun kissed hair and not much makeup / High-heeled boots that lace up / Two first names that came from / Her grandmas on both sides / She ain't ever read much Faulkner / But she could've been his daughter / She grew up on muddy water / Southern style,” he sings to begin. Raise your hand if suddenly, you want to go check out a Faulkner book at the public library.

The chorus isn’t as memorable for the words as the melody. It’s here Rucker’s fans will pick him up and sing along. Veteran tunesmiths Rivers Rutherford and Tim James helped him craft this song.

“Southern style, free and easy / Southern style, warm and breezy / If you met her, man believe me / You'd want her to stay a while / Says, she don't believe in strangers / Only sinners with a savior / ‘Cause her mom and daddy raised her / Southern style.”

Rucker knows this girl well. He grew up in South Carolina and embraces the pace of life in Dixie. There’s no lack of spirit in his performance, a familiar one for fans who’ve bought all his records.

Why Fans Will Love It: Rucker's "Southern Style" describes a girl every country fan wants to meet.

Key Lyrics: "You can love her, you can hate her / But you're never going to change her / If you want her then you'll take her / Southern style."

Did You Know?: Rucker often gets invited to his fans' weddings. Some invites require him to bring a dish. He's yet to accept.

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