Ask David Adam Byrnes who his musical hero is, and he will most certainly name country music legend George Strait. The Texan was the hero Byrnes had in mind when got to work on “A Shot or Two," a new song premiering on Taste of Country exclusively.

“I wanted that old '90s country sort of a song that would make you want to drive a little faster in your car, kind of thing,” Byrnes remarks of the song, which is his new single. "Truthfully, that’s the kind of music I love.”

Featured on his new album Keep Up With a Cowgirl, “A Shot or Two” always seemed to stand out in the head of the also-Texas native, long before the song was even complete.

“I always had an idea where I wanted to go with it,” says Byrnes, who has taken each one of his singles to No. 1 on the Texas Regional Radio Chart thus far. “Sometimes songs just write themselves, and that's pretty much what this one did.”

Byrnes wrote “A Shot or Two” alongside fellow songwriter Michael White — the same combo have collaborated together multiple times through the years, including on Byrnes’ first No. 1, “Beer Bucket List.”

“(Michael White and I) have this weird method going on where we won't write for six months to a year,” Byrnes says, chuckling, “Then we will get together, complain about the music business, and then he'll throw out a title.”

In the case of “A Shot or Two,” Byrnes says he knew he wanted "a straight up honky-tonk barn burner," which certainly seemed to fit when White first threw out the title.

“That title fit it perfectly,” he says with a laugh. “The day that we went and tracked it, I had it first on the list because I knew it was a song I wanted to track the most. I had about two or three cups of coffee beforehand, which was really stupid because I was way too jacked up for that track session.”

One of the Lone Star State's most intriguing artists at the moment, Byrnes says getting to release songs like “A Shot or Two” is one of the advantages of being a completely independent artist.

“During my Nashville days, you always had the industry lurking over your shoulder,” says Byrnes, who first broke onto the country music scene in 2008 with his single “Sweet Distraction.” “You had a manager or a record label or a publisher always telling you what to do, you know?” (Pauses) I just made it a point to go against the grain. Now, I just put out the songs and the style that fits what I want.”

And his fans are loving it.

“The crowd definitely goes to another level when ‘A Shot or Two’ comes on,” he admits. “It’s been amazing to watch over the past few weeks.”

Life has been sweet for the singer overall, actually — Byrnes recently got engaged to the love of his life, Amanda.

“For the first time in my life, I have a true supporter,” he gushes of his fiancée, who works as a critical care nurse. “I have someone that has my back through thick and thin. She is my biggest cheerleader.”

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