David Nail took a few minutes to tease fans about a brand new single from his upcoming album 'I'm a Fire.' The 34-year-old sent a tweet to his followers announcing the new single complete with a video!

Nail is a man of his word. He promised his fans he would let him know what his new single would be, and he kept to that promise when he announced it via social media on Tuesday (Feb. 18).

"'Kiss You Tonight' was a song that the first time I heard it I knew I was going to record it," he shares in the clip. "There was just something about it that made me remember so many songs from the past that, you know there's not a specific thing that jumps out at you the first time you hear it you just know, 'Hey, I wanna hear that again.'"

He remembers a song that had a similar effect on him by another artist. "I can remember 'Need You New' by Lady Antebellum kind of having that impact on me," Nail adds. "It was different, to me, than anything that they had done before. That's how it was with this song."

The teaser video includes brief live performances, as well as audio of the new single. Nail casually talks about the song and what it means to him, and why the "simplicity" of the lyrics really drew him in.

"I like the simplicity of 'it'll all be alright, if I can kiss you tonight,'" Nail says. "He's saying, 'Hey if you just let me in the door, if you'll just hear me out, if I can get a moment with you, you know, I think we can kind of fix this.' And she finally accepted his apology and this is his valiant effort to get her back."

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