Demi Moore is the latest big name to join the cast of a Taylor Sheridan project. She will star alongside Billy Bob Thornton in a new series titled Landman, coming to Paramount+.

The actress will play a character named Cami who is married to a powerful Texas oil man and who is also a friend of Thornton's character, Tommy Norris.

“Demi Moore is an iconic and extraordinary talent,” president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, Chris McCarthy says, per Variety. “We are thrilled to have her join Billy Bob Thornton and the star-studded cast of Landman, our next epic series from Taylor Sheridan.”

What Is the show Landman About?

Landman is described as "a modern-day tale of fortune seeking in the world of West Texas oil rigs."

The series is based on a podcast titled Boomtown — an eleven-part podcast produced by Texas Monthly magazine and Imperative Entertainment. It details the Texas oil industry and the effects it has had on both West Texas and its residents.

The series is reportedly already filming in Fort Worth, Texas.

Who Else Is on the show Landman?

In addition to Moore and Thornton, the show's recurring characters will be portrayed by Ali Larter, Michelle Randolph and Jacob Lofland.

Several others have been announced as cast members, including James Jordan who has been a part of several Sheridan projects, like Yellowstone. Kayla Wallace, Paulina Chavez and Mark Collie are also on the cast list.

Landman is one of several Yellowstone-tinged irons Sheridan has in the fire. In addition to wrapping up the popular series this fall, the writer and producer is working on a second season of the prequel series 1923.

Sheridan is also crafting a Yellowstone sequel, which could star Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew McConaughey.

A premiere date for Landman on Paramount+ has not been announced.

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