Denny Strickland is releasing a video for his brand-new single, "How Far You Wanna Go," and he's letting Taste of Country readers see it first.

The song is the follow-up to "Swerve On," which scored Strickland a Top 40 hit. "How Far You Wanna Go" marries Strickland's traditional-leaning image — he's one of the few young male country singers to wear a cowboy hat — with a pretty contemporary production for a sound that's not quite like any other artist in country music.

The video intersperses clips of Strickland in a rooftop performance with his band and footage of a couple on a road trip. The song is about getting in the car and going as far as you want to, both literally and figuratively: "Oh, oh, halfway to Memphis baby / All the way to Mexico / Meet me in the holler baby / Only thing I gotta know is how far you wanna go."

Strickland initially picked another song for his second single, but he changed his plans after he heard "How Far You Wanna Go."

“The song grabbed me the moment I heard it," he says. "I think fans will definitely know what it is when you hear that signature lick on the radio. I think it will grab the listener and hold them from the first line. As soon as you hear the chorus, you’re waiting to hear it all over again. It gets you fired up.”

He's excited about the video as well.

"The song is about being with your girlfriend, and she takes control of the wheel, while deciding whether she wants to go to Memphis, Mexico, or both," he relates. "It’s going to paint a picture for the audience, which is the most important thing. I think we tell the story pretty well.”

The Arkansas native took up music from a young age, inspired by George Strait, as well as a wide spectrum of country, rock and rap influences. He traveled the horse show circuit for years, becoming an American Quarter Horse champion before pursuing music full-time, so he doesn't feel intimidated by the challenges of radio tours or traveling to perform for his fans.

“I love getting in front of people. I have found that if you’re having a good time, then your audience is having a good time," he says. "I just get excited, and I have so much energy. I have fun on the road. I don’t take things too seriously. I just want to make memories with people. I want true and loyal fans, that’s the goal for most people — to have them with you through thick and thin.”

"How Far You Wanna Go" is available for download at iTunes. Keep up with Strickland on Twitter, Facebook and his official website.

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