Having a sense of humor about yourself is crucial to being a well-grounded megastar, as Taylor Swift proved this week after a rumor circulated that she has insured her legs for a cool $40 million.

According to Grazia Daily, the source reported that if the superstar's legs are injured, she would be prevented from maintaining her $200 million career. As per usual, however, Swift took it in stride and posted a hilarious tongue-in-cheek response after her cat, Meredith, took a swipe at her leg:

True to the cornier side of her sense of humor, Swift posted a followup pun after bandaging her injured $20 million stem:

Swift is proof that being able to laugh about the absurdities of being a celebrity is better than getting angry or getting even. The singer is likely enjoying her downtime with her two cats — her schedule is clear until the end of March, when she's booked for an appearance at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles. Then, in May, she's headed to the Tokyo Dome for the kickoff of her 1989 tour, which is in support of her debut pop album of the same name.

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