Last night, Dierks Bentley's prized '67 Camaro -- which he'd only driven three times -- caught on fire outside a Nashville bar. Charles Kelley, Bentley's good friend from Lady Antebellum, was with him at the time.

“He wanted to see my new '67 Camaro. We walked back outside. It was on fire," Bentley tweeted. "Not cool." Not long after that came a Twitter video and another post: "Some footage from last night. Hard to sleep [with] images of flames coming out from under the engine stuck in head.”

Bentley shot the video to chronicle the fire's aftermath. In the video, he says, "Every time I hang out with Charles Kelley disaster strikes. Whether it’s flooding ... and now we can add fires.”

All the two friends could do was watch it get towed away. Looking at Kelley in the video footage, he adds, “First floods, now fires. Thanks, dude.”

Watch Dierks Bentley and Charles Kelley's Reactions to the Car Fire