Get ready for a giant dose of adorable. It came out a couple weeks ago that Dierks Bentley's 3-year-old daughter, Evie, was making a cameo at the end of his upcoming album release, 'Home.' And while that story was sweet in itself, it's an entirely different thing to actually see the young Evie performing live with her dad, as she did last night at Bentley's Ryman Auditorium show in Nashville.

Sitting onstage and nonchalantly strumming his way into the emotional 'Thinking of You,' Bentley sang the first verses and choruses alone with his eyes closed, pouring out lines about being on the road and ending on "and I'm thinking of you."

In the video clip below, Bentley gets so far into the song ("You’re always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine”) and then looks to his right and motions with his fingers for someone to come join him. As the crowd sees little Evie make her way to the center of the stage to meet her dad, a cheer rises.

Finding her way up onto a stool, Evie sits at first and mouths the words along with him, and soon she's singing loudly into the mic that has been tilted down just to her angle. The two sing the chorus, looking at each other -- Evie comfortable with her dad but shy with the audience, and Bentley looking proud. At the end, he crosses his arms atop his guitar, looks down at Evie and lets her sing the last chorus (mostly) by herself, redirecting her back to the mic as she playfully hits him on the shoulder. In the end, the two take a bow and the whole band exits the stage to the audience's approval.

Bentley will release 'Home' on Feb. 7 and continue on another leg of his Country and Cold Cans Tour across the U.S. this spring. And we know exactly who he'll be thinking of the whole time he's on the road!

Watch Dierks Bentley and Daughter Evie Perform 'Thinking of You'