Sometimes a regular heart-eyes emoji just won’t cut it. Thankfully, there are now Dierks Bentley emojis. The singer has launched a new keyboard for iPhone and Android that will allow fans to send their friends more than 100 tiny cartoon versions of the singer and his pals.

The emojis include sunglasses-wearing Bentleys, pilot-hat-wearing Bentleys and even Bentley’s beloved dog, Jake. The program also enables fans to immediately transform their thoughts into Bentley lyrics. For example, “I love you” translates into “Without you I’d be nothing.”

"I’m always looking for different ways for fans to be involved in my music," Bentley says in a release about his new mini-mes. "I think the fans will pick up on a lot of the lyrics, familiar characters and friends we worked in!"

The keyboard is now available on the app store and online.

Bentley is currently on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour, which was recently extended into October. His latest single, "Different for Girls," features pop singer Elle King and is a bit of a departure for the artist, but Bentley believes its message is important and that he couldn’t have sung it before he was a dad.

“(I went) somewhere totally different with a song and an idea that’s very new for me to sing about,” he said of the tune. “It’s a song I couldn’t have sung seven years ago before my daughter Evie was born. I could have, but I would have just sung it from one standpoint. Now I see it all the time. I have my girls … and I think the world is skewed some ways not in their favor."

"Different for Girls" appears on Bentley’s latest record, Black, which he has said is a very personal album reflecting all the ups and downs of life. It's now available on vinyl as of Aug. 12.

Dierks Bentley Sings "Different for Girls" With His Daughters

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