Dierks Bentley completed his annual lake jump on New Year's Day, this time in the balmy environs of Florida, where he and his band performed at the Capitol One Bowl on Tuesday. And the boys even got lovely pink bathrobes to commemorate the occasion!

Bentley captured the momentous event in a webisode of DBTV, pretending to be shivering to set the clip up. "We're doing our annual lake jump that we do every year, and it's just really... really not cold at all," he spoofed. "We're in Orlando, and all the guys in the band showed up this year."

Capitol One actually sponsored the lake jump this time around, and while the water might not have been particularly cold, Bentley seemed unsure of its cleanliness. "Hey guys, I'd keep your mouth closed and cover your nose," he warned his band members before they took the plunge. "Unless you want to have a flesh-eating bacteria in your brain."

With that, Bentley and two of his band members stripped down to their underwear and jumped on in with a whoop. They emerged to the comfort of the plush pink robes, which Bentley tweeted were yet another perk of their business dealings with Capitol One. From there it was on to the concert, where the 'Tip It on Back' singer and his band wisely chose to wear their normal stage clothes.

Watch Dierks Bentley and His Band Do the Annual Lake Jump