Geez, can't Dierks Bentley get a little privacy?! Sure, the "Black" singer was on the Cadillac Three frontman's front porch, but that didn't mean Jaren Johnston needed to snap a photo?

And it surely didn't mean Johnston had to share it with his 35,000 followers on Instagram:

Details of Bentley's so-called "smart-assery" are still being investigated (we've put our A-Team on the project), but Johnston's pic shows Bentley relieving himself outside, in the singer-songwriter's yard. We can only hypothesize they were doing some songwriting for one another's next projects.

Or perhaps Bentley was visiting with some Daddy wisdom. He's been doing that a bit lately, having told Thomas Rhett to stock up on Red Bull when he becomes a father later this year. Johnston and wife Evyn welcomed Jude on March 30. Since then Johnston has shared numerous photos of father and son — baby boy seems to be wearing him out!

Strangely, this is the second country-artist-peeing-outdoors instance we've stumbled upon this spring. Tyler Farr was more than candid about one of his favorite habits while discussing his new reality show A Little Too Farr. Cameras were often on hand as he relieved himself in his own yard. Someone should probably tell him what Bentley knows: El Casa de Johnston has all the good trees!

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