Dierks Bentley's Sounds of Summer Tour has been filled with pranks, and the only females on the trek, Maddie and Tae, aren't safe either.

After opening for Bentley all summer they are well aware of his comical antics, and they have even got to be a part of it. This time, though, the tables were turned when they became the victims.

The tour may be through, but that didn't mean the duo was safe. Just when they thought they were in the clear, Bentley made his strike.

The "Riser" singer sneaked onto the rising stars' bus and decked it out in hundreds of rolls of tinfoil. The shiny metal was everywhere, covering all of the surfaces. It even prevented the girls from accessing their makeup. Now that's just cruel.

The prank got lots of laughs, so hopefully for Bentley, that means they won't retaliate too harshly.

This isn't the first time practical jokes were a part of the summer tour. After Bentley made all his openers participate in a polar plunge into a freezing lake, Kip Moore wanted to exact revenge,  so naturally he trashed Bentley's prized Chevy truck. He filled the cab with packing peanuts, painted graffiti on the outside, and the big finale was filling the bed with straw and placing a billy goat in it.

Bentley also got his entire crew to prank Canaan Smith in the middle of his set. The whole gang stormed the stage in white jumpsuits to celebrate Smith's first No. 1 hit, "Love You Like That."

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