Dierks Bentley just made a dream come true for Walmart checker and aspiring country singer Kayla Slone. During the West Virginian's appearance on 'Anderson Live,' Bentley called in to gush about what a fan he is of her voice and to personally invite her to the ACMs in Las Vegas in April, where she will be able to hob-knob with country music's finest.

Attending the ceremony could open up a whole new set of doors for Slone, who says she wants her country career to take off so she can help get her coal miner husband out of the shafts. Talk about love!

Slone made her first trip to NYC to appear on Anderson Cooper's show, and she was bewildered by the yellow cabs. In addition to navigating her way through the bright lights and big city, she got the personal call from Bentley, who invited her to one of the biggest events on the country music calendar.

"I’m a huge fan," Bentley told her. "Like so many people, I saw the video, and, gosh, I just love your singing, your voice, it’s such a great traditional country voice. It was really refreshing and I wanted to just call and tell you that I’m a fan and enjoyed your story."

Slone replied, "I'm a fan of yours, too," -- so the 'Home' hitmaker suggested that they get together and sing.

"Well, come get me! I’m ready," Slone declared.

And he will. Bentley offered her the tickets and a spot on the guest list at the party he is throwing. The talk show host is paying for the trip, too.

While at the 2013 ACMs, Slone can meet managers and label gurus, in addition to country's elite, so we might be hearing more form her soon. She can thank Dierks Bentley in the liner notes of her first album.

Watch her sing here. That's customer service, so Walmart should make her Employee of the Month. Imagine listening to that angelic voice when you roll through the 'Mart for some housewares or food.

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