Dierks Bentley is frantically trying to remember his interaction with a woman in his "What the Hell Did I Say" video as he graces stages around the country and takes selfies with fans along the way.

The new video is primarily made up of concert footage of Bentley performing the song on the road, but is interspersed with clips of him and his crew goofing off and hanging out with fans. The song is a lighthearted, catchy musing about the haziness of the morning after a crazy night, noting that he received a message from a woman excited about whatever he’d proposed in his drunken stupor, vowing to come over and see him. It then launches into a laundry list of potential things he could’ve promised without meaning it, racking his brain for an answer.

Fans never find out what he actually communicated to the woman, but it’s a fun ride while he tries to figure it out. The What the Hell Tour — named for the song — was extended earlier this year, adding on dates through the end of the summer.

“It seemed like an appropriate title for a tour with Cole and Pardi,” Bentley said at the time. “I have a feeling I’ll be asking myself that question the morning after many of our shows and late night hangs because you really don’t know what will happen when the three of us get together.”

Cole Swindell and Jon Pardi continue on as the openers for Bentley’s tour, where they may be singing this song together every morning.

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