Dolly Parton's done it all, from hit country songs to movie roles to her own line of Duncan Hines box mixes — so being a judge on American Idol or a coach on The Voice would be a natural fit, right? Well, not exactly.

"I get asked every season to be on," Parton tells Taste of Country in a new interview to discuss her new line of Duncan Hines products. Every year so far, she's turned the televised singing competitions down.

"I really have trouble judging people. I would have a lot of trouble telling them yes or no — especially no," the country legend reveals.

"Sometimes I will [be on] as a mentor or something like that. But yeah, I get offers all the time."

That doesn't mean she's not a fan of the shows — Parton says she loves watching from home and is always excited to see the contestants put their own spin on her songs.

"I love the fact that a lot of them do use different songs like 'I Will Always Love You,' 'Jolene' or '9 to 5.' I hear a lot of my songs on there. That's a great treat," she continues. "I just always hate to see them lose, even though I'm very proud of the ones that win, and they deserve it, because the public [votes] on that."

"But I just feel their little hearts. I hate it when they don't win."

As a career-long dreamer, Parton is used to making a change when she thinks one is necessary — and she's got a vision for creating a kind of televised singing show that doesn't involve sending contestants home. The singer hopes that one day she'll launch her own kind of show like Idol or The Voice, and it might even live on her very own television network.

"I probably will do something like [American Idol or The Voice] in the future," she continues. "I'm starting my own network. And so I'll probably be doing different things at different times, and maybe create a show where it could really be positive. Although those are fantastic shows. I love watching it. I would just have trouble being a judge of somebody's talent."

Elsewhere in her interview with Taste of Country, Parton discussed her new song, "Don't Make Me Come Down There," which she released on Thursday (Jan. 19) to celebrate her 77th birthday. She also shared all the details on her line of Duncan Hines treats, which she's expanding in 2023 to include box mixes of Fabulously Fudgy Brownie Mix, Caramel Turtle Brownie Mix, Buttermilk Biscuit Mix and Sweet Cornbread and Muffin Mix.

Starting Feb. 8, a limited number of Parton's baking kits, including all four new mixes, a special teal towel, spatula, recipe cards and a note from the singer herself, will be available to purchase online.

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