Dolly Parton’s story has already been an inspiration to so many, and now it’s going to reach even more people with her new movie, Coat of Many Colors. The icon recently unveiled the official trailer for the film, which will air Dec. 10 on NBC.

Coat of Many Colors, the movie, will tell the story of Parton's childhood based on her song by the same name, which the singer notes is her favorite she’s ever written. The trailer begins the story with Parton’s large family in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, her mother expecting a new baby. When tragedy strikes and the family loses the baby, a wave of darkness sweeps over them, including 8-year-old Parton, who stops singing altogether. Her mother, played by Jennifer Nettles, takes the baby blanket she was creating out of fabric scraps for the baby and turns it into a coat for Parton, inspiring hope in the family once again.

The trailer alone is touching, so it's sure to be a heartwarming film, even if it does prompt a few tears here and there. Parton says the movie is the first in a set of three about her life, which she hopes will bring back the concept of television programs the whole family can watch together. The next one will be inspired by her song “Jolene."

“We want to create projects for NBC that are both fun and inspirational with a family audience in mind,” Parton explained when the deal was announced.

Check out the full trailer above, but a fair warning: you might want to make sure you have a few tissues nearby (just in case).

Parton, as always, is keeping busy with several different endeavors, releasing an album of children’s songs, dueting with artists like Don Henley and Jewel, not to mention overseeing her theme park, Dollywood.

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